Design Pattern for Perimeter Protected Access

Identity Provisioning is a service within the Identity Governance stack that provides various provisioning services to the business. Authoritative identity data is based person data from the HCM (Human Capital Management) and is reconciled and aggregated with other user data associated based on business rules. The goal is deliver end-to-end security in J2EE applications, Web services, identity management, and service provisioning.

Need more cowbell! – “Got IdM?”

The new tone of “Identity Governance“(with a small g-Credit to Geoff), is stepping in as the new sheriff of the language marketing game.  Kind of like what “Cloud” did with aggregating storage area network clusters with unused parking data spaces. No offense.   Identity Management (IdM) the ‘It Doesn’t Mew’ anymore acronym. That once known 25+... Continue Reading →

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