Prisoner of Legacy Systems

At some point, old software installed, just has to go away. The million dollar question is when. After recently experience of having a legacy system for about 8 years too long that prompted me to blog on this topic. I’ve seen the impact first hand with regard to project timelines, business climate changes, and constant tickets to... Continue Reading →

Environment Gap Analysis Diagram

Brainstorming diagram using Microsoft Visio 2013 for asking questions in determining environment gap analysis for application and creating an Environment Gap Analysis Diagram. This comes in very handy for future use too in order to help you remember all the questions to ask.

Design Pattern for Perimeter Protected Access

Identity Provisioning is a service within the Identity Governance stack that provides various provisioning services to the business. Authoritative identity data is based person data from the HCM (Human Capital Management) and is reconciled and aggregated with other user data associated based on business rules. The goal is deliver end-to-end security in J2EE applications, Web services, identity management, and service provisioning.

The Laws of Architecture Ignorance

Over the years I encountered many good mistakes and failures that has helped me mature either through my own modest ignorance or at someone else’s expense. When we hear words such as “mistake” or “failure”, we have a tendency of immediately entrenching a negative perception in our minds. We all know the common clichés of failures since you cannot read for more than 2-3 minutes on any blog site without seeing an inspirational quote that either tries to make us feel good about our own failures or not be afraid to embrace them

Design Pattern for Identity Provisioning

A Design Pattern provides a scheme for refining the subsystems or components of a software system, or the relationships between them. It describes commonly recurring structure of communicating components that solves a general design problem within a particular context. Architectural patterns are similar to software design patterns but have a broader scope. Identity Provisioning is a service within... Continue Reading →


Those who are constantly thinking and searching for better tools and ways of getting from A to Z, eventually find themselves through the technology maze not feeling like that a blind squirrel searching for a tasty traditional nut to eat. You start asking yourself “What can add longevity and flexibility to a business capability?” or maybe even “How can we future-proof nuts?”

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