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This page is to help capture areas for Home Automation using various tools and services. My goal is to maintain my own all-in-one solution that turns my Raspberry Pi  into an ultimate home automation hub with minimal requirement or involvement of cloud.

The Motive

I wanted to address the 2 year itch that’s been gravitating me towards a platform to automate “things” in my life.

The Planning

There are several items to address prior to getting started with your design.

  1. Architecture
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Security
  4. Content Management

Tools and Gear

The list of tools and gear used for my project.

  1. Hacker.io Project- https://www.hackster.io/mike6/home-virtual-assistant-99f150
  2. Home Assistant – https://home-assistant.io/
  3. GitHub Repository – https://github.com/mikereams/Reams-Home-Assistant-Configuration

Blog Articles

The following articles were created for getting started with Home Assistant (hassio).

  1. Installing Home Assistant
  2. Configuring Home Assistant
  3. Installing Add-Ons

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