Sonoff Smart Garage

My Sonoff Smart Garage

I wanted to explore setting up one of my garages using the Sonoff SV which was inspired by a YouTube video from DrZzs (

This project was an attempt to enable my garage to work with Home Assistant using MQTT. I tried out the Sonoff SV for my first time use of that model on something practical and could benefit from the relay switch built-in.


Figure 1.1 – View of the first Sonoff SV implementation using a magnet reed switch.


1. My Amazon Gear

2. Tools and Software

Documentation for building the Garage “Smart”


3. Sonoff Build

I recently upgraded to the latest Sonoff-Tasmota 6.4.1 which includes integration with Home Assistant – keep it in mind it will change the publish and subscribe settings. I also opted to allow the Sonoff rules to turnoff the relay after 1 second rather than via MQTT in Home Assistant.

If using a Mini USB to flash like I am, then you will need to install CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers from –


4. Run the following Sonoff Post-Commands:

Assuming you already connected to WiFi at this point. The following commands were used after flashing the Sonoff SV (6.4.1). I created a rule from having to require an outside process to turn off the relay (which worked in Home Assistant).

Note: Always best practice to set a static IP at the router for this device.

  1. Backlog SwitchMode1 0;SwitchMode2 2;Switchretain 1;Powerretain 1;switchtopic2 garagestate
  2. rule1 on Power1#state=1 do backlog power1 1; ruletimer1 1 endon on rules#timer=1 do power1 off endon
  3. rule1 1
  4. SetOption19 1
    1. This enables Home-Assistant automatic discovery and creates the mqtt structure for hassio
  5. SetOption19 0
    1. This disables Home-Assistant automatic discovery as I chose to use custom mqtt sensors – just wanted to match the same structure as other devices without auto discovery involved
  6. SetOption30 0
    1. Zero (0) will Automatic announcement as ‘switch’ for relays and ‘light’ for PWM in Home-Assistant MQTT discovery message.
    2. One (1) will Enforce Home-Assistant discovery as ‘light’ platform also for relays

Diagram of pre-production Go-Live



Hassio (Home Assistant) Installation

Following the instructions here.

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