If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine. – Jim Barksdale, former Netscape CEO

It happens to be “Movember” again in which I’m a yearly supporter of bringing awareness to men’s health along with the acceptable liberty of looking like a slightly well-groomed caveman. I save 15 minutes on extra research every morning.
Those who are constantly thinking and searching for better tools and ways of getting from A to Z, eventually find themselves through the technology maze not feeling like that a blind squirrel searching for a tasty traditional nut to eat. You start asking yourself “What can add longevity and flexibility to a business capability?” or maybe even “How can we future-proof nuts?”
I am personally careful how often this termed is used in my brand, Future-proof Architecture. Those are hard to back-up words in an innovative society such as ours. As an architect, you’re always striving for it unless establishing job preservation is your misplaced mindset.
“Future-proof Architecture” refers to the ability to design a solutions architecture to be of value into the distant future by avoiding the inevitable labeling of obsolete. No Shirts, No Coding, No Problems!
I was first acquainted with this product called “Talend” by a much valued architect of mine, George B. who apparently had been working with this product in his former tech life. In my Yoga voice, “Impressive it is”. Talend embraces this forbidden ground of “Future-proof Architecture” not only because they state it, rather because it’s been observed in data driven enterprise use cases.
With so many data management tools for an HADOOP ecosystem, this is a cool product to explore. No disrespect to the other big boys out there in that space. It’s great to have a DIY tool with no need for coding, a rich user experience, and without a rich asking price. I always dream of something easy to use that accomplishes the most and I not having to replace it in 3 years.

What’s in your caveman toolbox?

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